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New notification sounds for Android users

New notification sounds for Android users

Google has announced a new feature for Android devices. With this feature as sound notifications for Android phones, it will be possible to assign different sounds for notifications. For Android notification sounds, this feature also allows the notification of sounds in the environment that are hard to hear or hard to hear. Thanks to this, he will be able to hear sounds from running water, from the sound of a crying baby to a dog barking.

Android draws attention with voice notifications! Will make the voices heard

If the feature called Sound Notifications is turned on, Android phones can inform the user about some sounds by instant notifications, the phone’s light or the phone vibrates. It can support this feature, including Wear OS devices that can send Voice Notifications via text notifications. The new feature also does not require the Internet.

Google says Voice Notifications can listen to ten different sounds:

Smoke and fire alarms
Shouting sounds
Baby sounds
Door bell
Hitting sounds
Dog’s barking
Beeping sound from a device
Sound of water
The sound of the landline phone ringing

This feature offered by Google is called “Sound Notifications” and can be used on all devices where the “Live Caption” application is located. This feature, which automatically detects ten different sounds coming from outside, enables the voices to reach the user. For now, Google’s Voice Notifications feature is available on some Android phones and Pixel phones. Things to do to use the feature:

First, check if your Android phone is up to date. After making the necessary checks, enter the Live Caption application on your phone (available on supported devices), if not, you can download the application from the Play Store. Then choose Settings> Sound Notifications (called Hearing support section on some devices)> Sound Sensors or Sound Notifications> the sounds we listed above. Besides, you have to register for some voices. You should also choose to receive notifications as vibration or screen lighting.

Google added an experimental feature similar to Sound Notifications to Pixel Buds in August. The earbuds can automatically reduce the volume of the earpiece when it detects certain attention alerts, baby crying, dog barking, or an emergency siren.

What do you think of Android voice notifications? Do not forget to share your comments with us.

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