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New moves for the number of likes from Facebook!

New moves for the number of likes from Facebook!

Last month after the Instagram test began in some countries to hide the number of likes, Facebook also came to the news of new moves for liking. Facebook likes will be removed in a short time!

Facebook likes count will be removed!

Many leaks in recent months have shown that Instagram will decide to remove the number of likes. Then came the official statement by Instagram. Instagram lifted the number of likes and began user testing in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Canada and Japan.

Today, Facebook will remove the number of likes showing images were leaked by Reverse Engineering Expert Jane Manchun Wong. Like in Instagram tests launched on Facebook users can see the likes of their posts, but other users can not view the number of likes.

Basically, users on the platform are expected to focus only on posts. So with this new update, the number of likes is removed and users are asked to focus on shared photos and videos, not likes or comments received.

But at this point, the popular social media platforms Instagram and Facebook are also concerned about the decline of user interaction. If there is no significant decrease in user interaction, this feature is expected to be available to all users for Instagram and Facebook.

If we look at it from the eyes of the user, this feature seems to start to share with the peace of mind. A clear date has not yet been given for the feature, but tests are expected to be completed soon.

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