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New move for Reels from Instagram

New move for Reels from Instagram

Released as a TikTok competitor, the Reels feature did not attract as much attention as Instagram expected. Instagram made some changes for this reason, Reels video duration increased. There are also some changes for video editing.

Instagram Reels video duration increased

The fact that the discover button will be replaced with the Reels feature recently has been reacted by many users. Instagram, which wants to highlight the Reels feature, has increased the duration of the video.

Users can now shoot Reels videos that are 30 seconds long. Also included is a 10-second countdown timer for video recording. It is among the rumors that the number of users cannot reach the desired level because many features in the TikTok application are not included in the Instagram Reels feature.

Although it is actively used, it is said that the company is not satisfied with the number of users of the new feature. Instagram also makes changes in video editing to reach more users, and will allow those who use the Reels feature to make edits easier.

Stating that the video length will increase even more in the future, the company announced that they are carrying out various studies on this subject. It is thought that the company will continue to make new moves as it cannot achieve the desired result from the Reels feature.

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