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New leak about the important feature of PS5

New leak about the important feature of PS5

The PS5, which was announced in a very limited way at CES 2020, continues to be eagerly awaited. The new PlayStation 5 remastering engine, which is expected to be introduced at the end of 2020, also seems to attract attention. Today, new leaks have emerged about the new PS5 remastering engine feature.

New leaks about the PS5 remastering engine feature!

Many PlayStation users suffered from not being able to play older games on the newly purchased game console. With the remastering engine technology that Sony will bring with the new PlayStation this year, users will be able to play all games from PS1 to PS1 to PS4 through a single console. This situation seems to be a great opportunity for many nostalgia lovers.

The new technology and details that have been made as a claim by HipHopGamer, which has been known for its accurate leaks in the past days, have been confirmed by some reports published today. Although there is the technology of playing past games on PS3 before, you will be able to enjoy a smooth nostalgia with the new PlayStation.

With the PlayStation 5 refresh engine, it will play games released for older model PlayStations more fluently with both screen refresh rates and graphic optimization. It will also be able to identify all original disks that were released for previous consoles and play them with new technology.

Although these games will have minor graphic adjustments, the graphics are not expected to change as much as remastered games. However, the device will still correct the images as much as the reprocessing engine. This feature is expected to be announced soon.


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