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New iPhone SE features

New iPhone SE features

Apple, next week will introduce the new iPhone family. While the iPhone 11 family will be waiting for the event, the new iPhone SE features new information. How will Apple follow this model to compete in this segment? How should the price of the new iPhone SE be?

With the iPhone SE expected to be introduced this year, users who want to use a medium-sized and small-screen iPhone will laugh.

How will the new iPhone SE features and price?

The new model will be similar to the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 released by Apple in 2017. This new generation mid-segment phone is expected to come out next year. According to some sources, the smartphone will include most of the LCD display and other components found on Apple’s flagships. Among these rumors, there will be a single lens camera at the back and a storage capacity of 128 GB.

Of course, this news is not new.

Since 2018, we’ve heard such new iPhone SE news in most sources. The target of the company is especially in the regions where some middle segment phones such as India and China are used frequently. In order for Apple to compete, the key factor in statistics in these regions is that it needs to produce a model of around $ 299. But of course, the exact price is not yet clear.

Apple’s first mid-range phone, the iPhone SE, a 4-inch screen and a 1.625 mAh battery met us. The phone used a 1.84 GHz processor.

Of course, with the resumption of a phone, we expect a number of hardware and software from the previous model to be more up-to-date and new.

According to most sources, such a mid-range phone is expected to reach big sales all over the world.

From time to time with high prices on the agenda, Apple, such a low-cost phone with a customer profile and how it wants to open the country is not certain at this time.

Do you think that this new iPhone SE, which is said to be working to remove Apple, meets expectations in the budget and segment?


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