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New ‘iPad Pro’ Will Have Triple Camera Installation


We knew Apple would use a triple camera setup on the iPhone 11. According to a recent report, Apple will not only use this setup on the iPhone 11, and the iPad Pro will have a triple camera setup.

Apple continues to release a lot of information about the devices it plans to launch in 2019. This time the information about the new iPad Pro. According to a new report released in Macotakara, the new iPad Pro will feature a triple camera installation.

New ‘iPad Pro’ Will Have Triple Camera Installation

This report is based on a supplier in China and states that the 2019 iPad Pro is hat a mistake to launch with a triple camera installation ”. Although this is a claim that should be approached with suspicion, it does not seem impossible. The iPad Pro, which is currently on the market, has a 12 MP camera, so it would be a remarkable change from a single lens to a triple camera installation in just one year.

In fact, iPad Pro does not support Portrait mode on its rear camera, but according to the information, the new triple camera can bring such features to the tablet. In addition, triple camera setup can improve the performance of the 2019 iPad Pro by augmenting augmented reality.

In one part of the report, the 10.2-inch iPad model can also come with dual camera setup. This model will replace the 9.7-inch 2018 iPad. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that these changes are big changes for iPad models.


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