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New Images Revealing Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Design Released

New Images Revealing Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Design Released

The design of the Note S10 + one of the 2019 flagships that Samsung will introduce on August 7, has emerged. The device will not have a Bixby button and headphone jack.

Samsung will introduce its flagship Galaxy Note10 series at an event in New York on August 7, but almost all the information, including the features and design of the device, has been revealed before the press release. Even with the emergence of official Samsung documents, the accuracy of this information has become definite.

Samsung took care of all the necessary document work before the phone was released, which is a standard procedure for every new phone. However, these documents also include visuals of the phone, and the visuals in the document confirm the information that has already appeared.

Just like the Galaxy S10, the phone has a single round notch and the front camera is in the center of the screen. The three camera modules are positioned vertically on the back of the phone. Underneath the flash is a fourth camera, which means that it is the larger and more expensive Galaxy Note10 +. The company will also launch a smaller version of Note10, which has similar basic designs as the Note10 +.

The Note10 doesn’t have a headphone jack or a Bixby button. One of the allegations about the phone is that there will be no microSD card support, but it is not possible to verify this with the visuals in the FCC documents. The information found in the documents shows that the size of the phone is 162.5 mm x 77.6 mm. The screen size is 6.7 inches.

The FCC documentation also includes dual-band Wi-Fi support. This means that the device uses Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). The device also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and LTE.

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