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New Images of AirPods PRO Unveiled!

New Images of AirPods PRO Unveiled!

AirPods PRO, the new version of Apple’s wireless headset model AirPods, will be introduced soon. However, before this promotion took place, photos of the charging unit box came out.

AirPods, the apple of the Apple users, is the eye of all users with its ease of use and ergonomic design. Apple will feed this interest with the new AirPods model. We’ve learned a few things about the new AirPods that are expected to be introduced in the past weeks before the end of October. This time, however, the image is clearer.

The picture shows that the new AirPods will have a different box. The holes in the box are shaped according to the model for charging the device. The blue labels in the picture are placed as protective. If the device has a rectangular white label just below the hinge and above the blue label, “Designed in California, Assembled in China” is thought to have written. Even though the picture is not clear, we can see that this may be true if we look carefully.

AirPods PRO is expected to be introduced before the end of October. There is no clear explanation about the price. However, the price of the device is expected to be $ 260 or more. The AirPods PRO will also be water resistant. Let’s see when will AirPods PRO be introduced?

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