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New Google Maps feature getting started

New Google Maps feature getting started

New developments about Google Maps, one of the most used navigation services in the world, continue to occur. Recently, details about the new Google Maps feature have emerged. As it is understood, the new navigation option, which has been requested from Google for a long time, will soon be available.

New Google Maps feature is active for bicycles

According to new information, Google’s navigation system for bicycles has begun to be used in certain major cities of the world. As the official statement is not on the agenda for now, these cities and the details of the feature are not clear.

To remind you, since the beginning of the pandemic process, users from many different points of the world have largely requested Google to have the driving directions system for bicycles on Google Maps. Indeed, Google seems to have responded positively to these demands.

In the cities where the new feature is active, users will be able to access the option of driving directions on Maps, in addition to the car option. Until now, users who started transportation by bicycle instead of public transportation were using the navigation option, which was mostly prepared for cars.

In this process, it seems that a navigation system based on bicycle routes in cities has emerged. It is pointed out that help is also received from artificial intelligence.

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