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New Features for Windows 10’s Game Interface

New Features for Windows 10’s Game Interface

A few new features, such as the FPS counter, will be added to the Game Bar, the Windows 10 interface that gives you shortcuts when playing games.

Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar adds a few new features, such as the FPS counter and Xbox performance. You’ll now be able to find out how smoothly (or worse) you’re viewing the frame per second you’ve taken from the game and the game. In addition, you can now see whether you have turned on Xbox achievements in this interface.

These are the features players have been waiting for a long time. Mike Ybarra, one of Xbox Live’s top executives, said in a post on his Twitter account that these features are currently in the Windows Game Bar.

Or we can say, these features will be activated when you update the Game Bar from the Microsoft Store. However, although Game Bar has been updated based on the feedback of some users, these features have not yet appeared.

This means that the features are distributed in parts to regions or shared exclusively for Windows testers. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet received an official statement. If these features have not yet appeared, we can say that they will come soon.

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