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New feature for WhatsApp users!

New feature for WhatsApp users!

The popular messaging application WhatsApp made an important decision to transfer the conversation history to a new phone. This decision will directly affect iOS and Android users.

WhatsApp, which recently appeared with a project that allows you to use an account on different devices, now deals with data transfer. As you know, switching from iOS to Android or Android to iOS can cause problems with transferring the history of chats to a new device.

Some applications that provide this translation are available, but such software, unfortunately, does not work stably. WABetaInfo announced that this innovation is under development.

WABetaInfo, who is trying this feature in the desktop version, said chat stories can be successfully uploaded. A news source offering synchronization with Wi-Fi said that this innovation will first be activated in the desktop version, and then will come to mobile devices.

Facebook Messenger and Slack have this infrastructure, but now the use of phone numbers is quite large than before. From now on, there will be no problems in the history of chats transmitted from iOS on Android and Android on iOS.

It is not yet known when this innovation will be published. Note that the WhatsApp team is also developing some projects for remote messages. Do you think that WhatsApp will cope with transferring the story of the conversation to a new phone?

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