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New feature for Instagram DM’s on the way!

New feature for Instagram DM’s on the way!

Instagram often tests new features. Of course, we do not hear many of these until they are presented to everyone. Jane Manchun Wong, who made a name for himself with his leaks, announces these features from time to time. According to a recent post, there is a new feature for Instagram DMs.

New feature will be available for Instagram DMs

Jane Manchun Wong, who announced the features of social media platforms before them, made a share for Instagram this time. Wong announced a new feature for Instagram DMs with a tweet from Twitter.

According to the sharing, reactions will be used in private messaging. Meanwhile, Wong isn’t the only source of information. Alex Voice, Facebook’s Technical Communications Manager, confirmed that the unpublished feature has been tested. Wong shared how this feature looks like with us.

With the new feature, we will be able to react to emoji messages via messages in Instagram. What emojis are included clearly shows in the above post.

This feature, which is currently in the testing phase, can be made available to users within a few weeks if everything goes well.

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