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New design of PlayStation Store has been revealed!

New design of PlayStation Store has been revealed!

According to the information shared by Sony recently, the PlayStation Store web and mobile version would be redesigned and released. Although it has been a short time since the announcement, the design of the PS Store web version has emerged.

PlayStation Store’s new design revealed

Signing a very important statement for PS4 users, Sony sent a newsletter about the change to all players last weekend. In this bulletin, it was announced that PS4 apps and themes will now be completely removed in the PS Store web and mobile version and will be completely renewed for both platforms.

The main purpose of this renewal is considered to be the preliminary preparation for PlayStation 5. The company will present the changes to the web and mobile version to the game lovers as of this week. But before the new version was released to everyone, the new design of the PS Store web version came out completely.

The resulting images show that Sony preferred a simpler, white-weighted and simpler interface in the new version. In addition, a design approach in which the game visuals are brought to the fore seems dominant. The lists that do not seem complicated like the old site contain only the name of the game, the cover image and the price.

On any game page, the game home page layout we are used to in the Store on PlayStation has been processed in a simple language in the new PS Store web version. The new PS Store version is expected to be released to all players around the world this week.

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