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New Description About Xiaomi Mi Mix 4


According to a recent statement by the Xiaomi official, Mi Mix 4, which is said to not be released this year, is not completely shelved according to a new statement. Xiaomi’s brand promotion manager said his statement was misunderstood.

Edward Bishop, Xiaomi’s brand promotional manager, recently announced that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 model will not come back this year through Weibo, but the plans for the Mi Mix 4 launch for 2019 may not have been shelved yet.

Bishop said his previous statement had been misinterpreted by the media, noting that he would not just come soon. Mi Mix 4 was expected to appear in the company’s latest event, but Xiaomi introduced Mi Mix Alpha instead.

Will Mi Mix 4 be released this year?

Mi Mix Alpha is a concept phone and will be quite expensive to buy when it is released. Since Mi Mix Alpha had a full $ 2,813 price tag, customers were waiting for the Mi Mix 4. Bishop’s latest statement seems to make people who are curious about the phone, but with the release of this phone is released this year is still a question of certainty. Nevertheless, the fact that the Mi Mix 4 issue is still alive is still the case.

The Mi Mix 4, which is expected to come with 5G support, could be introduced on October 25, according to a claim. Previously, Xiaomi Mi Mix models were released towards the end of the year. There is a possibility that this claim is correct. The highly anticipated new model is expected to have a Mi Mix 3-like design.

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