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Netflix is preparing to turn off its unpopular feature

Netflix is preparing to turn off its unpopular feature

Netflix is preparing to remove a feature on the autoplay feature that users do not like. As you may remember, Netflix is among the winners of the quarantine process. The popular content viewing platform is increasing the number of subscribers every day. The popular platform, which wants to please its users, is preparing to remove a feature that is not liked by users. Netflix was asking users the question, are you still watching? Here the platform has started tests to remove the feature in question.

For the Netflix autoplay feature, the “are you still watching” question may disappear

Focusing on the question, Are you still watching, Netflix evaluates the criticism, according to the information the Verge obtained. There is a way to turn off the feature and that is to turn off the auto-play the next episode feature.

Netflix, which is introduced to its users with new series / movies every month, continues to add new features, while removing the unpopular features. The feature of auto-play the next episode on the platform can be very practical for those who finish a season in one go, but it can be annoying to ask the question “Are you still watching” in the first minutes even though the other episode has been switched to.

This question, which reduces the viewing experience of the user, is actually made so that he does not miss what he is watching. Many people spend their free time or before bedtime on Netflix. Although asking this question for those who fall asleep while watching a content is actually to make the person watch from where they left off, it can still disturb the person.

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