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NASA’s landing system for the Moon and Mars

NASA’s landing system for the Moon and Mars

NASA begins testing for the automatic landing system. NASA is apparently focused on an automatic landing system designed for use in the upcoming Blue Origin mission. This special and automatic system is designed for the surface of the Moon and Mars.

NASA, focusing on reusable rockets, is going to test the New Shepard rocket for Blue Origin. NASA, focusing on a special system developed for a safe and safe landing, calls it SPLICE

NASA begins testing for auto landing system.

The SPLICE system receives all the data collected by the sensors and works thanks to advanced algorithms. This is due to a series of lasers. This optical camera and computer system can also detect possible hazards and set parameters for safe landing.

Thanks to this system, New Shepherd will experience three of its four missions on Earth. Jeff Bezos, founder of the company and NASA, is testing automatic landing technology based on these tests. These tests, designed for the moon and Mars, aim to test their abilities, such as descent and landing.

Currently, this automatic landing system is already used for other reconnaissance robots, including NASA’s Perseverance traveler to Mars. This is important in order to experience different effects on different surfaces and weather conditions.

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