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Naming on 2020 iPhone models may vary


According to a report by trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the naming scheme that has been applied for years on iPhone models that technology giant Apple will launch next year may change.

Naming on 2020 iPhone models may vary

Apple’s iPhone models introduced last September, the iPhone 11 was called. If we look at the naming habits of the company, the iPhone will be released next year is expected to be the iPhone 11S. However, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, this naming model adopted by the burning of iPhone 3GS will change.

iPhone 12 naming available

Ming-Chi Kuo, a trusted analyst on Apple technologies, states in his new report that the 2020 iPhone will be called the iPhone 12 instead of the iPhone 11S. As this claim is mentioned in other reports published recently, it is possible to say that it is highly likely to be true.

Apple names the iPhone in general with new designs and features, and the following year, the S features include the advanced features of this device. The claim that the 2020 iPhone will be released as the iPhone 12 has brought to mind the idea that radical innovations may be present, not improvements.

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