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Mysterious Oppo model with three cameras revealed

Mysterious Oppo model with three cameras revealed

A mysterious three-camera Oppo model has appeared at the FCC. The FCC (US Federal Communications Agency), where many new models show themselves, has released some details of the model. Thus, the model was certified and approved by the FCC. This means that the model will be introduced and sold soon.

Technical information about the new model was also included in the certificate. Among the information, the brand name was determined as Oppo and the test model as CPH2185.

Three-camera Oppo model in certification

The design of the resulting model seems to be similar to the realme Narzo 20 model. Looking at the details of the design, the triple camera setup on the left, the fingerprint reader in the middle and the informative label show itself. It is also seen that the power and volume keys are on the right when viewed from the front.

ColorOS 7.2 information shows itself for the Oppo model, which shows itself in the FCC with three cameras. However, the model has a battery capacity of 4.100 mAh and a 10W charging speed value.

Other technical information shows the network features of the model. There is no information about other features yet. The features of the model may show itself soon.

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