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Motorola’s pop-up camera phone appeared

Motorola’s pop-up camera phone appeared

Motorola, which continues to operate under the umbrella of Lenovo, does not compete with smartphone manufacturers on the market. However, with the new smart phones in the recent period continues to appear in front of users.

Motorola in preparation for camera phone

A new smartphone from Motorola has emerged, which will bring the iconic Razr to the users in a foldable fashion. The model details and technical details are unknown.

Photos of the new smartphone were shared on the community page set up on Facebook for users in Latin America. There is no information about the phone other than the photos, as we mentioned earlier, the camera is remarkable.

Motorola had never previously offered a camera with a pop-up camera. At the same time, the phone is almost completely frameless. The light around it makes it much more pleasant to have information about notifications.

The community thinks this phone is the new addition to the Moto One series. We will continue to provide information about Motorola’s pop-up camera in the coming days.


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