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‘Motorola One Action’ Shared Videos Showing Camera Performance


The Motorola One Action, announced last Friday, was able to focus attention with its camera. The company shared videos showing how good the camera-owned cameras are.

Motorola, the conqueror of a period, recently announced its new smartphone, Motorola One Action. The most ambitious and beautiful feature of the phone is undoubtedly the camera. This camera, which he calls “Action Cam” has beautiful features.

The Motorola One Action, which the company hopes to return to its old days, has a triple camera installation. The Action Camera is the name of a camera. Motorola shared a few videos to get to know more about the performance of the new phone’s cameras.

‘Motorola One Action’ Shared Videos Showing Camera Performance

The Motorola One Action uses a 21: 9 aspect ratio and has a rotating camera. This makes it possible to shoot horizontally even when the phone is in an upright position. The One Action action camera also features an ultra-wide 117-degree lens.

Since the action camera was a camera to be used even when on the move, it was supposed to have an optical image stabilizer. But instead Motorola put digital balancing on the camera. One of the videos they shared shows how effective this feature is.

Shooting in low light. The action camera has a 16 MP sensor, which combines four pixels in one pixel. This reduces noise in the picture.

The video below shows how to shoot horizontally when the phone is upright. The camera maintains the 21: 9 ratio here.

Another feature that Motorola has on the phone is the el timelapse ’; ie accelerated shooting mode.

Finally, the other video they shared shows the ‘cinemagraph’ mode.


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