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Moisture update for ‘Galaxy A50’ released!

Moisture update for ‘Galaxy A50’ released!

The Samsung Galaxy A50, which was introduced by Samsung this year, was able to reach high sales figures in our country and in many parts of the world. The Galaxy A50, which features innovative features compared to its price, received an update.

For the smartphone whose performance is quite sufficient for the mid-segment, Samsung releases updates quite often. In this way, the phone continues to gain the appreciation of the users in a similar way with the Galaxy A70.

Galaxy A50 has received update! Touch and humidity update

Previously released updates focused on improving the on-screen fingerprint reader and camera. This update improves the touch screen performance and improves the moisture detection algorithm. Moisture detection algorithm is a detail that is not seen in Samsung’s updates.

This algorithm, which monitors the USB port of the phone, prevents you from having bad surprises in any fluid contact. If the sensor detects moisture in the charging connector, it stops the charging process and prevents events such as short circuit.

The update, which combines the security patches of August with the device, also makes Knox Guard more stable. The 210.70 MB update with the software version number A505GNDXU3ASH4 was first made available to users in the Philippines.


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