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Microsoft’s next-generation console Xbox Series X leaked live


The prototype photo of Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console has leaked. Although the prototype is written on the device, the images may belong to the production version.

Microsoft’s next-generation console Xbox Series X leaked live

The prototype photo of Xbox Series X, the next-generation player console Microsoft will launch at the end of this year, has leaked. The serial number of the device appears in the photos. A game lover tried to pair this Xbox with his own Microsoft account with the help of a serial number and was successful. In other words, the photos may not belong to the prototype device, but to the production version of the Xbox Series X.

In the photo, we see the input ports of the device. There are 1 USB at the front, 2 USB at the back, 1 HDMI, 1 optical audio input and power input. The air grilles of the device are quite big. Probably it will be dusty quickly and make a lot of noise out compared to Xbox One.

Microsoft has made no statement regarding the hardware features of the next-generation console. AMD chipset will be used on the device. Based on the shares and leaks, a chipset with Zen 2 architecture and Navi 2x graphics unit, which has passed the 7 nm production process of TSMC, will be used. It will also offer hardware ray tracing technology. This chipset is expected to perform between 10-12 TFLOPS. Xbox One X was running at 6 TFLOPS levels. Xbox Series X will offer smooth 60 FPS gaming experience in 4K.


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