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Microsoft is working on a foldable surface

Microsoft is working on a foldable surface

It has long been known that Microsoft wants to develop a foldable surface and has spent time working on it. Microsoft’s foldable PC adventure goes back a long way. Years ago, in 2008, the company began working on a dual-screen folding device under the code name “Courier”.

He is currently working on a dual-screen Surface device that is very similar to this concept, which was canceled in 2010. In addition, Microsoft had recently completed another collapsible device project called Andromeda.

And a dual-screen Surface device called Microsoft’s “Centaurus” was shown at an internal meeting earlier this year. Intel and OEM manufacturers were encouraged to do so.

Dual screen and foldable “surface” devices on the road

New patents show that Microsoft’s work goes far beyond dual-screen hardware. A new patent found by Windows United revealed that Microsoft is working on a special hinge that uses fluid to reduce the problems encountered in flexible, foldable displays.

The liquid is filled into the gaps around the flexible display to help it bend and move to different positions. Microsoft’s example shows a device with two separate sides and a flexible OLED display that spans the entire device. The company has long been focusing on complex and impressive hinge work with Surface devices, and this particular hinge patent application confirms this.

Microsoft is working hard to prevent problems with foldable devices and to create a stable device. The resulting illustrations show a complex hinge assembly with a structure that prevents foreign materials from entering the hinge assembly / device. The company carefully examines the problems experienced by other companies in this regard and acts with careful steps. So he wants to avoid a scenario similar to what happened to his competitors.

The most interesting part of this patent application is that it is filed by the Microsoft technology license, which means that the company will license this technology to other partners and PC manufacturers. Microsoft is currently working closely with Intel and some OEM manufacturers to develop a new version of Windows, called Lite Windows Lite olan, that will run on collapsible and dual-screen devices. This new version of Windows will be geared towards dual-screen and foldable hardware. Microsoft also licensed some of its previous hinge work for Surface Pro for its partners.

However, Microsoft’s patent applications do not necessarily mean that the devices will be released. As a matter of fact, although it was revealed that he had applied for a patent for Surface Studio and Andromeda devices before, the devices could not find the body.

Therefore, it is unlikely that we will be able to see a completed dual-screen Surface device at Microsoft’s event in New York next month, but we may see some demonstrations of the devices the company is working on.


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