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Microsoft is with its employees against Covid 19

Microsoft is with its employees against Covid 19

Microsoft is one of the companies that struggles best with Covid 19. When the spread of the virus increased, they minimized the risk in their offices by enabling their employees to work from home.

Microsoft allows employees to permanently work from home

With the ongoing epidemic, company employees still continue their duties from home. On the other hand, the company reopened its offices and announced its “mixed workplace” guideline for more flexibility. They will be able to spend 50 percent of their working hours at home. Employees who want to work from home permanently will be able to carry out their work from home with permission from their managers.

“The Covid 19 pandemic has forced us all to think, live and work in different ways,” said Kathleen Hogan, one of Microsoft’s chief executives. “We will offer as much flexibility as possible to support individual working styles while balancing business needs and making sure we live our culture,” he said. Microsoft requires proof of your health to gain access to hardware labs, data centers, and some of the company’s offices, including face-to-face training.

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