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Microsoft Increases Xbox Series X and Series S Pre-Order Stock

Microsoft Increases Xbox Series X and Series S Pre-Order Stock

Microsoft has pledged to increase its inventory due to high demand for pre-orders.

The Xbox Series X and Series S have received much higher than expected attention since pre-orders began. Some sites that accepted pre-orders collapsed with the intensity of customers. Thereupon, Microsoft decided to increase the pre-order stock for users who could not purchase the product in pre-orders. This created a new opportunity for users who could not buy one of the Xbox Series X or Series S consoles in pre-orders.

In a tweet posted from its official Xbox account, the company thanked the record-breaking demand for the Xbox Series X and S and announced that the pre-order stock had been increased. It was announced that all users who could not make their pre-order register to the site where the sales will be made and wait for November 10. The company will pre-order more consoles on November 10th.

It was announced that the consoles will also be available from stores. Although this seems to be good news for those who missed the orders on the launch day, the queues in front of the stores to buy the console in pandemic conditions do not cause concern. However, it is said that there are many users waiting to buy the console even in these conditions. It was also announced that the company would be a saving for users who accidentally bought Xbox One X instead of Xbox Series X on launch day.

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