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Microsoft Defender took its place in the Google Play Store

Microsoft Defender took its place in the Google Play Store

The Microsoft Defender antivirus software was replaced by the Google Play Store. The app that is now available as a preview version is now available for your use if you meet certain criteria.

Microsoft Defender is here with Google Play Store version

An application that is planned to be considered under the Cybercrime Shield, such as malicious applications and websites that may attempt to steal information using Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), will also contain a system that will detect and investigate cybercrime. Google Play Protect. It will also give you possible problems with the sites you visit using the built-in web filter.

On the other hand, the application is provided free of charge if you provide some criteria. Microsoft Defender still in the preview version opens its doors to corporate customers with a current subscription to Microsoft 365 E5. If you provide the necessary criteria for testing the application, you can download it to your device through this connection.

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