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Micron Crucial X6 portable SSD goes on sale


The portable SSD-drive Crucial X6 can achieve 540MB/s data transfer rates, as well as with a stable body for falling and shocks. Micron Crucial X6 features and price in the news.

Micron Crucial X6 portable SSD goes on sale

Micron of leading storage and memory solutions companies; “Crucial” adds another participant to the series of memory. Portable SSD X6 Micron Crucial is prepared with greater strength.

Micron Crucial X6 features and price

Micron Crucial targets a portable SSD driver for X6 use in complex environments. The box which stores the drive is resistant to falling, shocks, blows and extreme temperatures from 1 meter. And he’s too small to fit in his palm.

The NAND TLC memory modules can achieve the expected driver data rate. In terms of competition, Samsung lags behind players like Portable T.

The desktop iPad Pro can connect to Android devices via USB Tip-C, as well as a USB Tip-A. X6 Micron Crucial 1TB portable drive capacity is $155 and 2TB capacity is $285.

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