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Meizu Pop Pro introduced: Here are the features and price


Chinese technology company Meizu has unveiled its new full wireless headset. Meizu Pop Pro aims to attract attention with its features and price. Device; stands out with its active noise canceling capability and battery life.

Meizu Pop Pro will offer 20 hours of lifetime

Meizu announced its new headset. The new product introduced will be presented to the consumer with 10 millimeter dynamic headphone drivers and active noise canceling (ANC) capability.

In addition to the active noise canceling capability, which stands out among the features of Meizu Pop Pro; The device uses triple hybrid noise reduction technology when ANC is canceled. The company also emphasized that the headset can reduce noise up to 35 decibels.

The battery life of the headset was also one of the highlights. Headphone; It offers 6.5 hours of usage time independent of the box, and increases this time up to 20 hours with the box.

Price and date of sale of Meizu Pop Pro

The new headset introduced by the Chinese company will be available to consumers as of January 12. The price of the device, which was shown in white only in the first place, was announced as $ 77.

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