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Mate 30 series introduction date has become official!

Mate 30 series introduction date has become official!

Huawei Mate 30 series of new information is emerging every day. The recently released poster family is expected to be launched next month. Huawei shared information about the launch date and location of the phones. Where will Huawei Mate 30 be introduced and when will the Mate 30 launch date? questions were answered with this sharing.

Where will Huawei Mate 30 be introduced?

Sources close to Huawei consistently infiltrate the new model family. As expectations continued, Huawei drew attention with its new announcement. Huawei Mate 30 series will be introduced on September 19 in Munich announced. However, due to problems with the US government, it is not yet clear when the introduced phones will go on sale.

Sources said that Huawei’s new flagship models will not receive a Google Play service license due to a US trade ban. That is why the company will introduce new models with pure Android and HarmonyOS is spoken.

A Huawei spokesman said in a statement that the US government can continue to use the company’s Android operating system and ecosystem if allowed. Otherwise, he said, Huawei will continue to create its own operating system and ecosystem.

Huawei on the one hand, while preparing for the launch of the new Mate family, a statement on the new models came from the Google front. You can take a look at our news to see the details of the report published by Google, which says that phones cannot use Android.

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