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Marshall Major IV available for pre-order

Marshall Major IV available for pre-order

Drawing attention with its high performance and beautifully designed headphones, Marshall was very popular with the Major III headset. The headset, which offered over 30 hours of use, had a price tag of $ 150. Major IV headset has opened the advanced version of the “III” model with features one click above for pre-order at the same price. Marshall Major IV features:

Marshall Major IV features with 80 hours of use

The two most striking things among the Marshall Major IV features are definitely the fact that it offers 80 hours of use on a single charge and is available for $ 150, the same price as the previous model. The headset is similar in design to the previous generation and adopts a completely simple design.

The headset bearing the Marshall signature impresses enthusiasts with its textured structure. The headset, which has a foldable design like the previous model, also has a control button such as play / pause or change the volume.

The use of 40mm dynamic drivers allows the headset to give a much better bass sound, while providing soft-textured mid-tones and excellent treble. It is very attractive that this headset, which is said to withstand 3 days of active use, offers 15 hours of use with a 15-minute charge.

Thanks to the features added to the headset, it can be charged wirelessly. If desired, the headset can be charged via USB-C wired. It allows to share the normally wireless headset with another headset with a 3.5 mm jack.

The headset can be purchased on their website for a pre-order price of $ 150.

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