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MagSafe surprise for older iPhone models!

MagSafe surprise for older iPhone models!

Apple’s wireless charger MagSafe, introduced with the iPhone 12, has delighted most users with its return. However, the tests that took place after it went on sale did not provide very satisfactory data.

MagSafe surprise for older iPhone models!

MagSafe, which has a round magnet structure, offers 15W power wirelessly. It has been revealed that this accessory, which can be used in iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11 and 11 Pro models that support wireless charging, charges slower in non-iPhone 12 models.

Two tests were performed on the iPhone XS Max. In the first, the battery level was lowered to 1 percent and airplane mode was activated. Then it was charged for half an hour. In the first test, MagSafe charged the iPhone XS Max 13 percent in half an hour, and in the second test it charged 14 percent.

Compared to other devices with fast wireless charging, with the 7.5W fast wireless charging device, the XS Max charged up to 25 percent in half an hour.

Test results revealed that the new MagSafe accessory only performs well with the iPhone 12. The analysts say that for iPhone users before 12, charging the phone with MagSafe is no different than charging with a Type-C cable and 20W power adapter.

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