MacBook Pro will revolutionize the new cooling system

Apple is designing a groundbreaking cooling system for MacBook Pro computer models. Thanks to the adjustable feet, your computer will never heat up anymore.

Apple’s launch of the M1 chips brought a huge performance and battery boost to the series. It was unclear whether this problem would continue in the future, even if the problem of heating on the devices was little or no. To solve this problem radically, the company is exploring ‘Adjustable Feet’ for macbook pro, an advanced cooling system. The research phase is telling us about a patent filed by Apple detailing how the company will do so.

Apple to patent advanced cooling for Macbook Pro

The patent application is titled “Adjustable Feet for Thermal Performance”. The Apple patent underscores the moving parts that will lift the back of the device for a better cooling system. The drawing shows feet moving under the laptop, raising 3.8 millimeters to increase airflow.

Another work is that the screen frame of the MacBook Pro is connected to the pop-up legs. Apple says in the patent that these feet will take up less space than fans and other cooling tools. This will keep the device thin and light with better heat management. Thus, the cooling method will also contribute to the performance of the laptop, as less load is placed on the processor. It is also stated that these feet will be integrated with Mac software.

Apple’s patent application also sheds light on the empty space caused by the deployment of feet. The company suggests it could potentially be used for other purposes, such as antennas or speakers. In addition, the design also contributes to better hinge placement. So it allows more space to rotate.

It is worth noting that the company has filed numerous patent applications. Each of these references points to a different feature. Unfortunately, it is also unclear whether these patents will be applied to future devices. The cooling feet they’re working on are just a project right now. Apple has yet to issue an official statement.

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