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MacBook Pro claims with OLED display


For a long time, Apple has been using the LCD screen for slowly switching to OLED displays. TouchBar on MacBook Pro models, iPhone X, now the MacBook Pro model on the main screen OLED will be used.

According to industry information has been on the agenda for some time, Apple’s 16-inch new MacBook Pro model will use an OLED screen. So the company’s first OLED screen laptop MacBook Pro will say.

The new MacBook Pro with a corner-to-corner display will offer the same dimensions as the 15-inch model. You’ll also be able to get more vibrant colors and deep blacks thanks to the OLED display.

This is considered to be an advantage, especially for content producers. Apple’s new MacBook Pro model, the same iPhone models, such as the Samsung Display subsidiary will provide the OLED display is expressed. Samsung, the industry leader in OLED display, will now provide more OLED displays for a second Apple product after the iPhone.

The sources predict that the new MacBook Pro will be available in 2019, but it will not be a surprise to see the 2020 Spring event when Apple’s test process is taken into account.

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