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LG UX 9.0 interface is introduced! What does it offer?

LG UX 9.0 interface is introduced! What does it offer?

LG introduced LG UX 9.0, the new interface to its phones. So, what does the LG UX 9.0 offer us? Here’s all the details.

The smartphone market in recent years can not find the hope of LG, with the new interface seems to be reborn from the ashes. This new interface, which will come to the flagship models of the company in the first place, attracts attention with its simplicity as well as the features it offers. What will the UX 9.0 update offer us?

The UX 9.0 interface adds night mode. Thanks to the dark theme, this feature will save battery power on the LG models with OLED display and can be used very effectively with Android 10.

Thanks to the new call screen and the revamped messages interface, a simpler and more convenient interface is offered to users. With this update, the clock, album and music application is renewed from top to bottom.

What’s new with LG UX 9.0

Night mode: You can use the dark theme throughout the system.
Phone: Controls are placed at the bottom for easier handling.
Messaging app: The larger view makes it easier to click on messages and group contacts.
Clock app: Customizable offers better experience.
Album application: Better organization tools, clearer grouping options added.
Music app: gets new look.

It is said that this new interface, which will be presented with the Android 10 update in 2020, will first come to flagship models and then to mid-segment models. LG’s response to Samsung’s One UI breakthrough, though late, with the new interface seems to make up for the errors made in the last period.

Let’s see if the new interface, which will come with a more modern and simple design, will improve LG’s course.

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