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LG Mobile is coming to an end

LG Mobile is coming to an end

LG 2020 announces the results of the second quarter. According to the results, LG Mobile was recognized as the best in the last 17 years.

Recently, due to the coronavirus epidemic, phone sales have fallen. In many countries, long bans on going to the streets have been announced. In addition, production facilities in dozens of countries, including China, were closed. Shops selling phones downloaded caps, mined the doors of the AVM.

When this happens, phone sales fall. In short, this coronavirus process has had a bad effect on almost all smartphone manufacturers. But LG got the biggest injury in the process.

The other day, LG released its financial data for 2020. He did not escape the attention that the observed fall occurred on 5 different technological levers serviced by the company.

But there is one of these sectors that has seen the highest level in 17 years. Yeah, we’re talking about the LG mobile wing.

In any case, things did not go very well with LG Mobile. In the second quarter of 2020, the South Korean company achieved the worst sales in 17 years.

In a statement, LG notes that the mobile side received revenue of only $1.07 billion. LG dropped to this level in 2003.

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