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Known for the Galaxy Note 10 Windows feature crashed!

Known for the Galaxy Note 10 Windows feature crashed!

One of the highlights of Samsung’s new flagships, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, is the Windows 10 operating system’s Windows Your Phone “application and Link to Windows, which brings the experience to a whole new level.

Samsung and Microsoft cooperated on this issue. It is possible to view messages, notifications and photos from the computer using your phone application. Link to Windows reflects the phone screen to the computer.

Galaxy Note 10 featured with Windows 10 feature!

In this way, the owners of Galaxy Note 10 can easily control their phone from a computer with Windows 10 operating system installed. However, (Your Phone) app of Windows 10 has not been available for over seven hours.

While “Unable to connect” warning was encountered in the application, tik We detected a problem causing connection problems in your phone application ”and it was confirmed that something went wrong. It is not known when the problem will be solved, ie when the application will become available.

This was an unfortunate event for Microsoft, who signed an important deal with Samsung. Of course, note that this application is not exclusive to Note 10, it can be used with other smartphones.

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