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Jailbreak version for iOS 13 and iOS 13.5 released!

Jailbreak version for iOS 13 and iOS 13.5 released!

For iOS 13 and iOS 13.5, software called Odyssey Cailbreak was released. iOS 13, presented on June 3, 2019, was released to all users on September 19, 2019.

This software is available for iPad and iPod Touch, except iPhone, up to version iOS 13.5.1. iOS 13.5, introduced on May 20, 2020, protects users from an outbreak of COVID-19 using a system called “Exposure Notification.”

iOS 13 and iOS 13.5 Odyssey are on the agenda with jailbreak

This is open source software that can be used on devices with A12 and A13 processors manufactured by Apple. From this we can say that all developers who are interested in Cailbreak can equip this program with the best features released by Odyssey.

Odysseus noted that “Cailbreak” was very fast. It was stated that this version does not experience thread problems on the latest iPhone models, and also works on the most modern iPad devices.

Odyssey Cailbreak, developed using an infrastructure called Bootstrap, which translates into our language as “roof for a hundred,” is also called libhooker. This feature allows you to test the code developed by the developer on an already running system.

If you are not satisfied with this software, you can uninstall it. You can click Here to access Odyssey’s Twitter and learn more about the appropriate version of Cailbreak. Users of iOS 13 and iOS 13.5 can be happy with this version of Cailbreak.

Eyes are now reverted to iOS 14 version. The fact that the iOS 13.5.1 version caused a heating problem caused Apple to be heavily criticized. What are your expectations from the new version? We are waiting your comments.

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