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It turned out that old photos are not deleted on Instagram

It turned out that old photos are not deleted on Instagram

Deleting old Instagram photos and messages doesn’t work. In his work, the researcher noted that he again received a photo, which he deleted more than 1 year ago. This means that the photo has not been deleted from the servers.

Many users delete old messages and messages. Despite the fact that no one needs this information, its presence on the servers continues. Instagram noted that this is a mistake.

In his work, researcher Saugat Pokharel noted that deleted photos and messages continue to appear on Instagram servers. A researcher who can view a previously deleted photo was also awarded for an error.

Instagram reported an error deleting old photos and messages. For detecting this error, he received a reward of $6,000. It was also announced that the error was discovered in November last year and restored in July.

An Instagram representative noted that “in the researcher’s report, you can again see a photo and a message deleted by the user in the Upload Information tool. We fixed this error and found no malicious use. We thank the investigator. “

It is not clear whether the error affected all Instagram users or a certain number of users. However, deleted data is deleted from the servers within a certain time. Among other information, this period can be up to 90 days. It was previously discovered that deleted messages for Twitter are still on the server.

The “Download Information” part is known as a tool that allows you to easily download user data in the application. This function became mandatory after the law in the European Union.

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