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It may be possible to increase battery life with Android 11!

It may be possible to increase battery life with Android 11!

The biggest problem of smartphones for now is definitely the shorter battery life over time, no matter how big and powerful battery they have. Working on this, Google aims to extend the battery life for Android 11. Google wants to develop a solution for “shortening battery life”, which is the common problem of smartphones. So, is it possible to extend the battery life with Android 11?

Extending battery life with Android 11

Google is working on a feature that will stop apps or games from running in the background when not in use on phones that will come with the Android 11 version. Especially users who have used the same phone for many years will avoid charging their phones repeatedly (several times) on the same day.

The feature in question was discovered by xda-developers. With the aforementioned feature, the application does not use any batteries, so while allowing users to use more than one application at the same time, the battery life will increase at some point.

Thanks to this application that enables to suspend background applications, users seem to get rid of the curse of short battery life. This feature is also expected to positively affect the performance of smartphones with high RAM capacity.

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