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It has been determined how many Kirin 9000 units TSMC has produced

It has been determined how many Kirin 9000 units TSMC has produced

Taiwanese semiconductor maker TSMC has come to an end in its work for the Kirin 9000. There were 15 million orders for the processor developed by Huawei and for which TSMC has a large production share. However, as a result of the sanctions and pressures of the USA, the production process was completed before this number was reached. Therefore, the large amount of production was missing.

The company, which accelerates its work after the decisions taken against it, may experience difficulties for the processor, which is one of the most important hardware parts. Because TSMC, one of the world’s largest processor suppliers, ceases to work for Huawei.

TSMC completes Kirin 9000 production

In line with the decision taken, Huawei production of TSMC would end with the date of September 15th. For this reason, although the order was not completed, production ended. As mentioned above, it was not possible to reach 15 million pieces. According to the information received, the Taiwanese company produced 8.8 million of the order.

This means that 6.2 million Kirin 9000 processors that should be produced by TSMC will not be produced. It is a question of whether Huawei will have a problem due to such a high number of missing hardware. However, it is worth noting that these numbers are not officially confirmed and are based on leaked information.

When we look at the features of the processor produced, the 5 nm fabrication process welcomes us. This means that its production will be longer and more costly than the 7 nm fabrication process. According to another information, it costs 238 dollars to produce a processor with a 5 nm fabrication process. For the processor with 7 nm fabrication process, there is a cost of 233 dollars.

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