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iPhone SE 3 leaked


The iPhone SE, which is the model that has come to the rescue of Apple in difficult times, will not appear in the middle of two years. It is claimed that Apple is preparing for 2022.

iPhone SE 3 leaked

The success of the iPhone SE 2020 model, launched by Apple in the spring, to meet the expectations, paved the way for the continuation model. In the spring of 2022, the new model of the iPhone SE series may come.

What does iPhone SE 3 offer?

We can say that the iPhone SE series has become the longer-running series of the company. Following the first iPhone SE model in 2016, the iPhone SE 2020 model was released in 2020. For the third model of the series, 2022 is marked. This is probably because there are times when Apple feels the need to support the sales of the main line.

There are claims for a 6.06-inch integrated LCD panel for the iPhone SE 2020 model. The panel will be covered by Sharp or JDI, or both. Looking at this, we can actually think that the model is the delayed iPhone SE Plus.

The iPhone SE 2022 will inherit many elements from the company’s other models. For example, the TouchID sensor integrated into the power button we saw with the iPad Air 2020 is one of them. The dual camera in the iPhone 11 model will also be included in this model. It also claims a weak, albeit notched, display.

As we mentioned above, the fate of the iPhone SE 2022 will be determined by the sales of the original series. According to the course of the iPhone 13 series, which will be released in 2021, Apple can put its new card on the table.

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