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‘iPhone SE’ 2 model can come with a 5-inch LCD screen in the first half of 2020


Apple’s output will be released and the much-anticipated smartphone iPhone SE 2, according to reports Sharp production will come with a 5-inch LCD panel. The device will not stay down the iPhone 11 hardware.

‘iPhone SE’ 2 model can come with a 5-inch LCD screen in the first half of 2020

Apple’s iPhone SE 2, one of the models we’ve come to come periodically, can be introduced in the first half of 2020, according to the new leak. The source of the leak is the 5-inch panel orders from Japanese display maker Sharp from Apple.

As every manufacturer has experienced a decline in revenue in the last period, Appleā€™s latest 399 dollars to sell a product that can be renewed, although we are doubtful whether it is very clear that users want such a product. When we look at the panels that Sharp produced, we see that they are 5 inches in size and LCD, which makes it even more likely that the SE 2 will come out. The iPhone 8 had a 4.7-inch LCD screen.

According to the reports, the smartphone industry, which is expected to compensate for the lost income with the pause period, Apple, iPhone SE 2 model can realize this. The audience who is eager to see a small and functional smartphone will tend to make purchases in the face of such a device while not normally wanting to change their phones.

In addition to the 5-inch LCD display, the A13 Bionic and the SE 2 are expected to be extremely powerful, and will not be far behind the iPhone 11 in terms of performance. With the introduction of the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR, which now costs $ 599, will lose its appeal if the new iPhone SE 2 is introduced. In addition, if the iPhone SE 2 is actually available, Apple will most likely stop selling the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Those who plan to buy these models should hurry a bit.


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