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iPhone sales make faces laugh in China

iPhone sales make faces laugh in China

The amount of iPhone sales made Apple’s face laugh this time. The world giant brand has increased its sales in the markets where it is the strongest. IPhone sales rose 6 percent year on year.

iPhone sales volume rising

The latest iPhone 11 family, Apple, was able to increase the amount of sales. Apple’s second largest sales in the Chinese market, which made a big rise. After the US, the largest sales in China, sales, annual growth of 6 percent recorded. The annual statistics prepared by the Chinese government, the resulting sales, despite the trade war with the United States, Apple’s acceptance continued to be seen.

Although Huawei products have been banned in the United States and their use has decreased, some people in China do not give up Apple. Moreover, China has many phone manufacturers of its own. Chinese brands were expected to decline for the amount of iPhone sales after 5G work. But the result surprised.

The most striking detail is the recent boom in sales at the end of the year. Compared to annual purchase prices, the amount increased by 18.7 percent in December.

China has become the production center for many brands of phones. For this reason, US President Trump asked Apple to stop producing in China. Apple then accelerated its production activities in India.

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