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iPhone exchange program prices may upset users

iPhone exchange program prices may upset users

Getting a new smartphone is exciting for everyone. The device can be undecided about what to do. Some users prefer the exchange program offered by brands, while some users use the second-hand sales method. According to the news, iPhone exchange program prices may upset users who prefer this option.

Updated for iPhone exchange program prices

Applying to an exchange program to profit from the device available can be profitable for some users. Especially those who do not want to deal with second hand sales and want to save time, prefer the methods offered by the companies. However, iPhone exchange program prices have experienced an upset for the users. Apple decided to reduce the prices of devices to be purchased through the exchange program.

Although second-hand sales are more profitable, the majority who do not want to deal with this process are applying for the exchange program. Apple’s price was changed in many devices. XS Max, which was previously accepted for $ 600, will be accepted for $ 500 with the change. iPhone XS will be able to participate in the exchange program for $ 420 instead of $ 500. iPhone XR will be accepted at $ 300 instead of $ 370.

Accepted prices of other older iPhone models have decreased by an average of $ 20 to $ 50. Appleā€™s price reduction is not limited to iPhones. The iMac Pro will have a $ 90 decrease, and will be accepted at $ 4150 instead of $ 4240. The replacement price of the iPad Pro has fallen from $ 290 to $ 220.

What do you think about the new iPhone exchange program prices?

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