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iPhone 13 Models Can Come With an Ultra-Power-Saving 120 Hz Display


According to new information from South Korea, Apple is once again on the table with LG. Accordingly, LG will produce OLED displays with LPTO panels for iPhones to be introduced next year. With these screens, Apple will be able to offer users a screen refresh rate of up to 120 Hz without reducing the charge life.

According to the information shared by the South Korean website The Elec, Apple plans to use OLED displays with LPTO panels that stand out with power saving, instead of standard OLED displays in at least the ‘Pro’ models of the 2021 model iPhones.

According to The Elec, Apple will work with LG rather than Samsung for LPTO panels. According to the information reported, LG will expand its production line to meet Apple’s need for panels. Ultimately, the iPhone 13 Pro models will have higher power-saving OLED displays.

iPhone 13 family may come with 120 Hz display

iPhone 13 Models Can Come With an Ultra-Power-Saving 120 Hz Display

The main purpose of Apple’s desire to use OLED displays with LPTO panels instead of existing OLED displays is to be able to offer high screen refresh rates without the need for a larger battery while not sacrificing usage time.

According to the information transferred, LPTO panels will reduce the refresh rate to 1 Hz when the screen is not actively used. In active use, the screen refresh rate will be up to 120 Hz. In this way, although the device offers a higher refresh rate, it will not spend more energy.

Apple does not want to reduce the charge life while offering a 120 Hz screen refresh rate

In fact, Apple is already using LPTO panels in Apple Watch Series 5, which was introduced last year, and Series 6 this year. For this reason, the new generation Apple Watch can offer the same usage time as the previous generation Apple Watch, although they offer always-on screen feature.

According to world-renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release four different iPhones next year, as this year, and the iPhone 13 models will have the same screen sizes as the iPhone 12 family. Although estimates are that Apple will use LPTO panels on all models and support ProMotion, which offers a screen refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, it is possible that only Pro models will come with these panels.

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