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iPhone 12’s 5G speed test results have been announced!

iPhone 12’s 5G speed test results have been announced!

iPhone 12 5G speed test results have been published. The results shared by SpeedSmart have not yet been verified by Apple. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon participated in this race.

The results of this test conducted in the United States already give users an idea of how Apple will perform in 5G. How about the iPhone 12 series, which is spoken in every aspect from the box to the design, about connectivity?

First reports of iPhone 12 5G speed test results

Verizon was the winner of this test, conducted in the busiest cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, New York and Washington. T-Mobile came second in providing 5G connectivity with the iPhone 12. AT&T took the last place.

Many users will not be able to reach the speeds we see in these test results. Because 5G technology also has a limit. The ping factor, which determines the speed of data transmitted from a computer to a server, was also not omitted.

We will see how the iPhone 12 series will perform in terms of user experience. If you wish, you can get information about the 5G synergy between iPhone 12 and operators from the information below:

-Los Angeles:
155.91 Mbps download / 24.63 Mbps upload / 26 ms ping
-San Francisco: 70.40 Mbps download / 14.77 Mbps upload / 30 ms ping
-Dallas: 200.67 Mbps download / 17.95 Mbps upload / 27 ms ping

New York City:
142.71 Mbps download / 51.20 Mbps upload / 72 ms ping
San Francisco: 427.70 Mbps download / 49.60 Mbps upload / 26 ms ping
Washington, DC: 457.21 Mbps download / 91.70 Mbps upload / 18 ms ping
San Francisco: 77.60 Mbps download / 21.27 Mbps upload / 68 ms ping
San Francisco: 91.30 Mbps download / 17.69 Mbps upload / 71 ms ping
New York City: 621.30 Mbps download / 78.74 Mbps upload / 21 ms ping

San Francisco:
2007.13 Mbps download / 64.30 Mbps upload / 13 ms ping
Chicago: 1136.91 Mbps download / 39.43 Mbps upload / 14 ms ping
Chicago: 1477.61 Mbps download / 54.96 Mbps upload / 21 ms ping
San Francisco: 714.36 Mbps download / 49.71 Mbps upload / 13 ms ping
Los Angeles: 1017.12 Mbps download / 83.60 Mbps upload / 19 ms ping

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