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iPhone 12 Pro surprises with LiDAR technology

iPhone 12 Pro surprises with LiDAR technology

LiDAR technology produced for iPhone 12 Pro has made its mark on the agenda. Because many people were identified by surprise. This feature is said to put an end to discussions. The number of people who think that this technological infrastructure called LiDAR, which is used in the iPad Pro that Apple continues this year, will save time, is quite high.

This technology, which is used in maps, distance measurements, city modeling, railways and similar projects, facilitates the fixing screws of the distance between two points. The measurements given above with laser beams yield healthy results.

This feature, which can also be used by iPhone 12 Pro Max users, can instantly measure a person’s height. Apple said that the app called Measure can even measure the height of a seated person.

A person who wants their height to be measured must first make sure that their body is visible to the camera, from head to feet. A photo of the relevant person should be taken immediately after this stage. A line will appear on the screen while taking the picture.

Unfortunately, this feature will not be available to iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini users. iPad Pro 2020 users are as lucky as iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max users because they will also be able to benefit from this technology.

Apple explained how the application named Measurement is used. You can access that article “here” and find more information. Did you like Apple’s new technology that put an end to the height debate?

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