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iPhone 12 Pro case leaked with video!

iPhone 12 Pro case leaked with video!

In October, Apple announced the launch of new iPhone 12 models. Not so long ago iPhone 12 Pro was uploaded video. This video contains the expected information about the new iPhone 12 Pro model.

iPhone 12 Pro case revealed with video

First of all, only the case of the device is revealed in the video published. It is stated that this model is the new 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro model. As in the model iPhone 12 designs shared so far, a flat-framed device shows itself.

The new browser LiDAR, which should be among the functions of iPhone 12 Pro, is located at the back of the camera. But you need to pay attention to the fact that the LiDAR department does not occupy as much space as other sensors of the rear cameras. Previously, leaks were identified in which there was as much space as the sensors of the rear cameras, and they looked like the fourth camera.

To remind you, the LiDAR scanner for augmented reality, AR, was first introduced with the 2020 iPad Pro model. Now it looks like it will switch to the iPhone side.

Another remarkable detail within the scope of the leaked iPhone 12 Pro video is a new section on the right side of the case. For now, it is not clear exactly why this section is included. It can be an area prepared for 5G antennas or smart connector connection option.

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