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iPhone 12 Pro available!

iPhone 12 Pro available!

Apple’s next-generation iPhone model was sold before it was introduced. Price iPhone 12 Pro and other parts.

As you know, Apple will introduce a new generation of iPhone models in the last quarter of this year. The American company iPhone12 will present 4 different models, including 12 Max, Pro and Pro Max.

Prices for the presented models are likely to be at the same level as at iPhone 11, which was released last year. Perhaps it will be a small increase due to 5G support. But such a big change in price is not expected.

iPhone 12 Pro for $23,000!

Despite the fact that Apple has not yet introduced new iPhone models, the famous jewelry company Caviar launched a new generation of iPhone. When it comes to Javar, there are mines and gems in the foreground that are used for processing, not the price of the phone.

A similar situation with the iPhone 12 Pro models, which are now available for pre-order. Caviar launched a model covered in 18K gold for $23.380.

But if you want, you will get a special order and get these phones. Of course, the price for a phone sold for $23.380 can be a little frightening. However, if you need a unique phone, you will have to withdraw a certain amount.

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