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iPhone 12 prices leaked again

IPhone 12 prices leaked again

iPhone 12 prices were leaked by reliable sources.

New leaks continue to be made regarding iPhone 12 prices. Now, the prices of the iPhone 12 series have been leaked by a Twitter user named “Apple RUMORs”.

According to the information served by the source known for its proximity to Apple, it is stated that the iPhone 12 Mini, which will be launched as the entry model of the series, will be sold for $ 649. In addition, the source also states that the most expensive model of the series will be the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and points out that this model will be available for $ 1,399. According to the information shared by the aforementioned source, the prices of iPhone 12 models are listed as follows:

iPhone64 GB128 GB256 GB512 GB
Apple iPhone 12 Mini$649$699$799Not Available
Apple iPhone 12$749$799$899Not Available
Apple iPhone 12 ProNot Available$999$1,099$1,299
Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxNot Available$1,099$1,199$1,399

Apart from this, when we examine the table just above, we see that the iPhone 12 Mini and Standard iPhone 12 models will come with 64/128/256 GB internal memory options.

In the Pro and Pro Max models of the series, there is no 64 GB internal memory option. It is also stated that the starting price of these models, which are claimed to come with 128/256/512 GB internal memory options, will be between $ 999 and $ 1,099.

For now, there has been no official statement on the subject from the Apple front. However, sources close to Apple predict that the aforementioned models will be detailed on October 13. This means that we will be able to access more information about iPhone models in the coming days.

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